Drinks Menu



Peach and Bourbon Ice Tea  £8.50

Jim Beam – Gingerbread – Apple – Peach

Strawberry Southside  £8.50

Gin – Strawberry  – Mint – Lemon

Passion 8  £9.50

Passionfruit – Pineapple – Vanilla – Prosecco

Spiced Pineapple Sour  £8.50

Spiced Rum – Sweet Vermouth – Pineapple – Lime

English Garden  £8.50

Violet Gin – Cucumber – Apple – Lemon – Rosemary


Soft Drinks

Frobisher’s  £3.00

Apple / Orange / Pineapple / Apple & Raspberry / Orange & Passionfruit

Fever Tree Ginger Ale  £2.50
Coke  £2.80 
Diet Coke   £2.50
Coke Zero   £2.50
Fever Tree Lemonade   £2.50
Cordials   £1.00

Blackcurrent / Orange / Lime / Elderflower


Beer / Ale / Cider

Poretti  Pint £5.00
Poretti Half Pint   £2.50
Estrella Damm   £3.80
Estrella Galicia 0.0   £3.00
Sxollie Granny Smith Cider   £3.80
Tribute   £3.80
Mena Dhu   £4.00




Gordons Gin  £3.00
Plymouth Gin  £3.50
Plymouth Sloe Gin   £3.90
Salcombe Gin   £4.20
Pink Gin   £3.00
Bombay Sapphire   £3.00
Bombay Bramble   £3.40
Trevethan Rhubarb Gin   £3.30
Whitley Neil Violet Gin   £3.50
Whitley Neil Lemon Grass and Ginger Gin   £3.50
Tanqueray No 10   £3.50
Malfy Gin Con Arancia   £3.60
Hendricks Gin   £4.20
Platinum Gin   £4.20
Silent Pool Gin    £4.20
Tarquins Gin   £4.50
Tarquins Grapefruit and Elderflower Gin   £4.50
Monkey 47   £4.60
Pothecary Gin   £4.90
Oxley Gin   £4.80



Merchant’s Heart Original Tonic   £2.30
Franklins Tonic   £2.20




Black Cow Vodka   £3.10
Smirnoff Vodka   £2.00
Chase Vodka   £3.50
Absolut Vodka   £2.00
Absolut Vanilla Vodka   £2.00



Nikka From The Barrel   £5.30
Talisker Ten Year Old   £4.50
Glenmorangie Ten Year Old   £3.60
Peaky Blinder Irish Whisky   £2.80
Famous Grouse   £2.50
Buffalo Trace, Bourbon   £3.30



Rumbullion   £3.50
Aluna Coconut Rum   £2.50
Bacardi Spiced Rum   £2.20
Captain Morgans Dark Rum   £2.00
Bacardi Rum   £2.00
Lugger Rum   £3.30



Lillet Blanc   £2.00
Martini Extra Dry   £2.00
Martini Rosso   £2.00



Courvoisier   £2.90



Baileys   £2.00
Disaronno   £2.70
Carcelli Sambuca   £2.50
Chambord   £3.30
Tia Maria   £2.00
Archers   £2.00
Kahlua   £1.50
Cointreau   £2.90



Jose Cuervo Reposado   £2.50
Sierra   £2.20



Madregale Bianco, Italy

An elegant chardonnay for this house white. An attractive, straw-yellow colour wine, boasting a pleasant ripe-apple nose and a citrus-edged palate

BTL £20.00 | 125ML £3.75 | 175ML £5.60 | 250ML £7.50

Madregale Pinot Grigio, Italy

Elegantly balanced aromas of pear and apple fruits with a decent vinosity. 12.5% vol                                                                                                  

BTL £24.50 | 125ML £4.10 | 175ML £6.15 | 250ML £8.20 

Domaine Guy Allion, Sauvignon De Touraine

Aromas of elderflower cordial and Victoria plums. The palate is filled with gooseberry fool infused with elderflower and hints of summer fruit. 12% vol

BTL £25.00 | 125ML £4.10 | 175ML £6.15 | 250ML £8.20 

Ciu`Ciu` Falerio 

A blend of three native grapes that is so easy to drink. Apple-pulp and white pear follow the nose of white flowers. The wine fills the mouth but is also fresh and moreish.

BTL £27.00 | 125ML £4.90 | 175ML £7.30 | 250ML £9.80

Pebble Dew Savignon Blanc, Malborough New Zealand

A very delicate note expressing citrus notes with white stone fruit and pear. 13.5% vol                                                                                                

BOTTLE £32.00 

Chablis Alain Geoffroy,  Australia

A delectable fusion win with notes of quince, melons, banana, vanilla and spice. The flavours are full of zest yet come together in a rich smooth flow. 13.5% vol                                   

BOTTLE £45.00 

Les Roches Cuvee Prestige Pouilly Fume Guy Saget, Loire France

Fascinating mellow flavours combine in an usunal aged Loire Sauvignon. This enriched style will maintain its ultra-fresh character. An exceptionally calm and cool fine wine. Vegan. 13% vol                                                    

BOTTLE £50.00

red wine

Henri Nordoc, Vin De Pays D’OC Merlot, France

Soft tannins with notes of mulberry, sweet cherry and plum, rounded off by savoury flavours of black olive, eucalyptus and white pepper. 12.5% vol

BOTTLE £20.00 | 125ML £3.75 | 175ML £5.60 | 250ML £7.30

La Boussole, Vin De Pays D’OC Pinot Noir, France

Ripe strawberry and raspberry fruit flavours with secondary aromas of menthol. 12.5% vol                                                                       

BOTTLE £23.50 | 125ML £3.90 | 175ML £5.90 | 250ML £7.90

Les Vignerons D’Estezargues, Terres De Mistral Shiraz, France

Ripe dark fruit aromas, with a characteristic garrigue and pepper notes. Softness in the mouth with velvety tannins and confit fruits. 14.5% vol

BOTTLE £25.00 | 125ML £4.60 | 175ML £6.85 | 250ML £9.15

Heritage du Cedre, Malbec, France

A bonny red-ruby wine, with a nice touch of lip-smacking acidity. 13.5% vol

BOTTLE £26.50 | 125ML £4.60 | 175ML £6.90 | 250ML £9.25

Montesierra Tinto (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo)
It has a ripe cherry red with violet tones of his own youth. With intense aromas of berries, reminiscent of violet. Tasty in the mouth, soft and well structured.

BOTTLE £27.00

Ciu`Ciu` Bacchus (Montepulciano, Sangiovese)

Delightful nose of strawberry, morello cherry and liquorice root. The wine has an uncomplicated juiciness that begs for a second and third glass. It can even be merrily chilled.

BOTTLE £32.50

Valpolicella Saseti (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella)

Ruby red colour with purplish reflections and scents of red fruits such as cherries and juicy red plums with a hint of bitterness. On the palate, the fruit is vinous, with a suggestion of dew covered grass. The minerality of the estate’s limestone soil is evident in this wine and the finish tasty and fresh.

BOTTLE £40.00

Tiger Country McHenry Honen, Australia              

Sourced from an old planting in the Yalling up Hills, Nose is a complex array of violets, lavender and rose petal, underlined by blood orange. The palate shows concentrated citrus and mulberry shortcake. The gravely, rambling tannins provide the perfect note to the sweetness of fruit. 14.8% vol, Vegetarian                                                                   

BOTTLE £50.00


rose and sparkling wine


Laroche Rose De La Chevaliere, South of France

Among the bigger, drier, richer styles of rose wines that partner food so well. It has bags of forward raspberry fruit and areal noseful of fresh-pickled berries. 12.5% vol, Vegetarian

BTL £24.00 | 125ML £4.30 | 175ML £6.10 | 250ML £8.15 

Abbaye Saint Hilaire Rose, South of France

A pale dry rose, made primarily from Syrah and Grenache, showing red fruit aromas. Provence is the rockstar of rose, but this wine is also ethically produced in order to hand the vineyards on to future generations. 13% vol, Vegan                                                                                                         

BOTTLE £27.00 

Cantina Bernardi, Fior De Cassia, Vino Frizzante                                       

From the same grape that brings you Prosecco, this gentle sparkling frizzante has pleasant notes of almond, and pear and a soft acidity. 11% vol     

BOTTLE £25.00

Tripoz Cremant de Borgogne (Chardonnay)
Aromas of white flowers typical to the Chardonnay grape are coming through as the wine was not “Dose” after disgorgement (ie Brut Nature). Reminiscent of white flowers and citrus fruits on the palate with a long finish and fine, elegant bubbles.

BOTTLE £46.00

Pierre Gerbais Classic Cuvee (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc)

Elegant and complex bouquet, with new-season’s red apple, nectarine, lemon biscuit, yeast and vanilla on the nose, which are mirrored with subtle concentration on the palate

BOTTLE £65.00